ISB has always been at the forefront of integrating technology with curriculum to facilitate and empower students into becoming self-learners who are ready to face the reality of a technology-driven future.

During the inception of ISB, each class was powered with an interactive panel, the first in the Indian Schools in Oman. These were utilized by the Facilitators to encourage students to think beyond the books. Virtual trips, Educational videos, e-books, etc. were used to excite the student into acquiring more knowledge.

Three different computer labs were accessible to the children to learn new software and applications. The library was equipped with kindle and computers for easy access to data and information. The 3-D lab was utilized to support learning.

During the pandemic, students were guided into using newer technologies. Zoom was the primary source of learning. Later, Google classroom emerged as a 1-point solution for virtual classes as well as assignment handling. Children are encouraged to create projects using Powerpoint presentations and videos using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

To make the class inclusive, applications like Quizlet, Kahoot, Padlet, Google docs and forms, Jamboard, Mentimeter, Itempool, and E-portfolio using Google sites are regularly being used.

In the future, INDIAN SCHOOL BOUSHER aims in educating by constantly innovating and making our children future world citizens champions in obtaining, analyzing, presenting, and utilizing relevant information.


It’s the right time and the opportunity to get associated and be innovative!